Learn to be a Certified Trainer/Instructor

Over the years I have been asked by many to teach them how to train dogs and instruct. We are now offering this service (we offer partial working scholarships for those who qualify). Total hours in 1 years time;

       1015 hours training time

  Plus 260 hours working time (if qualify for partial working scholarship)

You will receive individual, one-on-one training with the instructor, making the most of your time and training.

Financial cost for instruction for Certified Trainer is twelve thousand four hundred if you qualify for a partial scholarship. If no partial scholarship the fee is fifteen thousand.  Absolutely no refunds.  You sill receive 1015 hours of instruction and training experience. You may qualify for a partial working scholarship earning the balance of tuition, working 260 hours.

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“But ask the animals and they will teach you.”

Job 12:7 NIV