Blessing and Leslie earned their service dog certification in June 2012! Congratulations! Another successful Sunshine Service Dog Team. Proud of them!
Blessing successfully completed her training at MCF- Shakopee, and came back to Sunshine Service Dog Training facilities in May 2012 for her next stage of training. She was taken out in public more, practicing what she had learned, and needing to do even though there are distractions, and so she would learn to focus on what she needs to, to be a dependable service dog. In June, Leslie and Blessing, successfully passed their service dog test, and they are now together forever!

Photos of Blessing and her friends at the Minnesota Correctional Facility (MCF) in Shakopee, MN.


Blessing has recently moved on to the next stage of her training process, and is currently enrolled in a program developed and overseen by Lori Peper-Rucks at MCF in ShakopeeMN This innovative and extremely unique program is part of the overall Sunshine Service Dog Training Program and has been successfully in place for six years. 


This program works so well because the offenders are able to work with the dog 24 / 7 under Lori’s strict instruction and supervision.  Two offenders are assigned to one dog and are responsible for care, more advanced training, and starting task training, such as retrieving, bracing, assisting with stairs, etc. 


This phase of this training process is integral to the progression of the final stage during which Blessing will return to the home of Sunshine Service Dogs for final training in public places, making sure Blessing performs the tasks she has been trained to do. 


Leslie will then be re-united with Blessing and continue with Lori training together; making a successful team and Blessing will be a certified service dog.  



Leslie and Blessing immediately started training with Lori of Sunshine Service Dogs, Inc.  Her training began with with Puppy Manners, then Basic Obedience and on to Intermediate level training.

Blessing thoroughly enjoyed the training classes and was one of the most popular dogs in all the classes, including break-time, which she spent socializing with all the people, all the dogs, and all the cats. 


Blessing and her handler, Leslie, attended classes on a regular basis which allowed them to bond closely with one another.


Blessing did well during each of these beginning phases of  training, and learned to be obedient even through the many distractions (planned and unplanned) that always take place during classes.  


She has become a very well socialized dog both with other animals and people; very important traits for the certified service dog Blessing will soon be.



Lori receiving Blessing as a donation from Jana and Jim Moeding of Rosewood Kennel.

Leslie, Blessing's recipient.

Love At First Sight!! 

Sunshine Service Dogs announces the donation of “Blessing,” a Goldendoodle puppy, from Jana and Jim Moeding, owners of Rosewood Kennel, located in Montevideo, MN.  Blessing, an 8-week-old femaie Goldendoodle, was donated for the purpose of being trained as a service dog for Leslie.


Jana and Jim  take great pride in breeding and raising outstanding Goldendoodles, and have been awarded Premium Breeder status by Goldendoodle & Labradoodle Premium Breeders' List in addition to  Recommended Breeder status from


Sunshine Service Dogs’ experience with Jana and Jim Moeding and Rosewood Kennel has been nothing short of extraordinary; they are truly dedicated, loving and totally devoted to raising healthy, beautiful, affectionate puppies and making them available to responsible dog lovers.

It is with great pleasure, sincere gratitude and many, many thanks to Jana and Jim Moeding, Rosewood Kennel, for their generous and much appreciated donation.

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