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Breeding Program 


Sunshine Kennels and K9 Training has bred German Shepherd Dogs since 1976 and Labrador Retrievers since 1996. Our knowledge in producing dogs that are capable in doing work from various tasks of helping someone with disabilities, to a police K-9 apprehending a suspect, are valuable in breeding dogs that are physically sound, intelligent, have excellent temperament, and are the real true dedicated working companions.


Our German Shepherds come from top import working bloodlines, and are bred for temperament, working ability, and soundness. The dogs are bred to work, whether it would be, a service dog, therapy dog, family pets, schutzhund, detection dogs, search & rescue dogs, or police K9. Sunshine assists in the selection of your dog, to help it be the right choice. Our German Shepherds have natural protection instincts and have great temperament allowing them to be, working dogs as well as family pets and protectors. Our dogs, when not working, love to play with the kids and are our family pets. Sunshine’s knowledge in training speaks from her vast training interests and experience in putting handlers and K-9’s teams together in various fields. She feels fortunate and great gratification to be able to share her gift with so many people, making this world safer and more enjoyable. To meet our dogs, look at our German Shepherd Dog page.


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Our Labrador Retrievers are used in our service dog programs, therapy dogs, make great hunting dogs, and great family pets. They too, have great pedigrees and temperament for both working dogs as well as family pets. Many of our Labrador Retrievers are now certified service dogs; assisting with mobility, sensitive detection, support dogs, therapy dogs, or have made hunters very proud, and have given families many years of enjoyment and love. To meet our dogs, look at our Labrador Retriever page.


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