Basic Obedience

An Instructional DVD available soon.


This is the first of many instructional DVD's offered by Sunshine Kennels & K9 Training.

An instructional DVD helping you really train your dog. Basic obedience include, heeling, coming when called, sit, sit stay, sit to get pet, down, down stay, swing, and to wait. All training is done in a clear motivational theory making sense to both the dog and handler. I don't believe in training with conflict to the dog. "There are many training theories, but if it doesn't make sense to the dog, it's just another theory." This is what I call practical obedience training, not necessarily for showing (however can easily be modified to show and do well showing), but more designed for great companions that you will be proud of, be able to enjoy more, be able to take places, and to be more sociable around people and other animals. Designed for puppies 6 months of age and older who need some basic training. An 8 week training schedule, if you do as instructed and work with your dog daily, you will see a great change in your dogs behavior and he/she will be a much more enjoyable companion for you and your family!

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Basic Obedience DVD

$ 43.95 USD

The DVD costs $35 plus tax and $6.95 S&H

 We will soon have instructional DVD on these topics;

Now what? ~~  Includes helping you choose the right puppy for you, house training, crate training, socializing, appropriate toys and play,  getting your puppy started off right so you don't have bad habits to break later.

Puppy Manners  ~~ Getting your puppy started waking on a leash, lets-go, coming when called, sitting, sitting to be pet, mini exams, look, leave it. Designed for the puppies ages 8 weeks to 5 months. 

Intermediate/Advanced Obedience ~~  Working your dog off leash, hand signals, backing up, stand, and retrieving. I highly suggest taking this making a great foundation on your dog. After this foundation you will be able to move forward in many different areas, such as hunting, Search & Rescue, Therapy Dog, and Service Dog.  Having completed the basic obedience is necessary before starting this training.

Conformation  ~~ After being a professional handler and groomer for conformation, I am able to teach you with real explicit instruction on handling and training your dog for the conformation ring. You will learn proper handling and footwork to best show off your dog, stacking, and moving your dog, and ring etiquette. This will teach you how to set you and your dog apart from the rest.

Tracking ~~ I have trained tracking dogs for search and rescue, as well as for law enforcement, and sport. Motivating the dog, as well as teaching them to problem solve, and be accurate and dependable tracking dogs.

Area Search SAR K9 ~~ Teaching your dog to be able to do a sucessful and thorough area search, looking for a lost or missing person.

Water Search SAR K9 ~~ Training the dog to be able to do a successful and capable water search suitable for a SAR K9.

Cadaver SAR K9 ~~ How to train your K9 to be able to search for cadaver scent.

Service Dogs ~~ Having sucessfully trained service dogs for mobility, hearing, and sensitive detection I can assist you in training a service dog that will really be able to help you, and be appropriate in public. You will need to be able to have your dog trained in basic obedience, as well as Intermediate/Advanced as a foundation before adding these tasks to your dog.


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