Dog Training and Police K-9 Training: 

At Sunshine Kennels & K9 Training we do all our training in a motivational style so it makes sense to the dogs and is more enjoyable for the handler. By training with this theory as our foundation, it makes more successful K-9 handler teams. Sunshine always says “If it doesn’t make sense to the dog, it’s just another theory”. This is important, because if it makes sense to the dog, it empowers and allows the dog to think and not be handler dependent. The motivational training also makes it so there isn’t conflict between the dog and handler, which is important whether it’s a working dog or family pet.

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 With Sunshine’s competent background in training, she enjoys training K-9’s for law enforcement, private investigators and security agencies. She trains dogs to track/trail, do apprehension, evidence search, building search, water search, narcotics detection, and cadaver, with obedience as a foundation for control.  She tries to custom train dogs for the needs of the individual departments. Sunshine not only will help with finding and training the right dog for each individual, but also assists in getting K9 programs in place with the department. She will help with policies & procedures, and training the new handler one-on-one with their new K9, in practical situations. Having a K-9 in the department is a great advantage and a valuable tool. A K-9 that is trained to track/trail human scent makes them invaluable in going after a suspect whether day or night because they use their sense of smell not sight to find the suspect. Having a K9 to sniff out drugs is a necessary tool in today’s world, and no department should be with out a K9. Training with a positive motivational theory, also allows training for protection with bringing out protective drives and not defensive drives, making a dog good for public relations, and a safer K9 for back-up assistance.


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