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           Officer Schillinger and K9 Rambo

                      a dual purpose K9 


Hi, My name is Todd. I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you about the experience that I had with Sunshine K-9 Training. I am the K-9 handler a police department in Iowa. We have four full time officers and a twelve officer reserve. Our police department here never had a K-9 before so this was all very new. I started research in the Spring of 2002 and spent about six months talking to several different training facilities and trainers trying to educate myself on how to start a K-9 program, how to acquire a dog, policy writing what kind of dog would fit our needs. I was quickly becoming discouraged. It seemed that all these companies wanted to do is move as many dogs out the door as possible and could care less about how to start a program. One day I received the number to Sunshine K-9 Training. I called thinking here we go again, but was pleasantly surprised when I talked to Owner/ Trainer Lori Peper-Rucks. Lori made me feel at ease as soon as I started talking with her. By the end of our first conversation I had that drive back. After talking to Lori a couple more times I made arrangements to visit her facility. While at the facility I met my future partner Rambo along with several other dogs. Lori explained her training style to me and everything made complete sense. After my visit I made a commitment, and soon after that Lori was busy helping me get the program in place. She went out of her way to make the process as easy as it could be for our department, from helping me get policy and procedures in place to choosing the right dog and fund raising ideas she even got me into training within one month. I  got one on one training with Lori. If it hadn't been for Lori and Sunshine K-9 Training I don't think that our department would have started a K-9 program. Rambo and I have been on the road together since December 14th 2002 and have narcotics finds,  successful tracks and Rambo managed to hold back an unruly crowd of 300-500 people while officers arrested 4 people. I would like to thank Lori and her staff for making this process as easy and enjoyable as it was. Lori we couldn't have done it without you. Thank You, Officer Todd and K9 Rambo.

Chief Deputy Barry Peterson and K9 Harley

a dual purpose K9


Dear Lori, I wanted to take a minute to send you a note thanking you for everything you have done for us. When our first handler received Harley from you we had high hopes and expectations. But we discovered that we had made the wrong choice of officers for the job. After about six months we became very worried about Harley's health and well being. And a couple of months after we made the decision to change handlers, this is when I received Harley. It took over three months of care to get Harley's health back. I then tried to train with other K9 officers in our area, but had no luck, I did not know what to expect from Harley and he became more and more confused with me. After a year I found your phone number, I called and explained our situation, I thought Harley may have to retire due to the lack of training, and care he was given. But you had confidence in him. We came up for our training, or re-training. And we found out Harley had not lost a thing !! He could track, find drugs, and items in the grass, I was shocked. If you remember I could not even get him to sit and stay. I was and still am amazed, I credit this to you and how you trained Harley to begin with, I think anyone else would have given up on him. I have had Harley for almost two years and he is like a new dog. I have and will continue to recommend you, your training and your dogs to other Departments and officers, as I have proof of your ability to train K9s and I am very lucky he is my partner and friend!!! Barry Peterson Chief Deputy Sheriff - K9 Handler Decatur County Sheriff 's Office

 Officer Shane and K9 Bary

a dual purpose K9

 When I was looking for a dog for my K9 unit, I had a lot that I wanted to get out of the dog. Everything that I talked to Lori aand you assured me that you had the right dog for me. It has been over a year now and I have to tell you Bary is more that I ever would have expected. He is great! He works well, and knows when he has to work and when its time to play. He is great with the kids and around the schools. I do monthly trainings in Michigan here with a trainer and he is amazed with Bary and his training and has stated several times "You have a great dog." So I just wanted to let you know and tell you to keep up the good work. Thanks again, Shane K9 Handler


               Search & Rescue K9


We want to thank Lori and Sunshine Kennels for Klaus. Klaus was started by Lori for search and rescue and finished by me. California is one of the toughest States with very tough standards.

Klaus certified on April 10th, 2004 as an area search dog under CARDA (California Rescue Dog Association).

He is currently a states resource and is actively working For Santa Clara County Sheriff's office Search and Rescue.

Thank you Lori, he is such a joy and is loved by our family and the many children who he comes in contact with on regular bases. Kris and Klaus



      Officer Tretsven & K9 McKea 

              a dual purpose K9


This letter is being written as a letter of recommendation for Lori Peper-Rucks. I have known Lori since 1987. 

Lori has the expertise in the area of canine training and has trained some of the most incredible police, search and rescue and service dogs. I have observed these dogs and their handlers and have always been impressed with her professionalism and dedication to perfecting the handler/dog teams. Lori is hardworking and organized in every aspect of training. I've observed Lori treat each canine with compassion and care. Her dedication to accomplishing the goal of a working canine team is outstanding.  

I would recommend Lori Peper-Rucks as a leader and trainer for Police, Service, and Search and Rescue canine teams with no reservation.

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