Yesterday was a real “eye opener” after 2+ years of training.  I want to thank you, Lori , for the help, direction, & loyalty in regard to the capability of K-9 abilities.  I will never forget arriving at the beach w/ all the emergency personnel, ambulances, divers, etc. and my sputtering to you, Lori, that Ruger had never done this before other than throwing me out of the boat at Bone Lake.  You, Lori, said four “prophetic” words that I won’t forget and they were:  GET IN THE BOAT.  That told me the time had come to trust my dog and let him do what he was trained to do.  Lori did a great job of bringing order to what could have been a chaotic experience and I could see that the emergency personnel appreciated and responded to that.

Joel Breitung and "Ruger"

 I am Carolyn Peterson and this is my dog named Ruby.  She is part Golden Retriever and part Black Lab.  Ruby has been a certified as a therapy dog from Sunshine Service Dogs, and Trained at Sunshine Kennels in Luck, WI.  We go to the local libraries to assist with the Tales for Tails program.  Ruby loves to listen to the children read to her.  She has listened to children from two years old to even teenagers.  She especially loves books about other animals.  Sometimes Ruby looks at the book with the children and sometimes she closes her eyes imagining she is part of the story.  Ruby loves to do a trick for each child when they finish a book.  She can roll over, wait for treats on each paw, and even bark on command.  Ruby's job in the summer is at the libraries or attending the County Fair and putting on demonstrations.  In the fall she likes to hunt pheasants in South Dakota.  This year, Ruby is also going to the nursing homes to visit. We thank Lori for great training and we truly enjoy all that Ruby can do, and being able to share it with others.


Ares, our white german shepherd, is a fear aggressive dog. He will always
have issues but the training
we received with Lori made him completely manageable in situations that
without training could have been dangerous situations.

Camie, a german shepherd mix, was abused badly before we found her to the
point of being afraid of
everything. After obedience classes with Lori, she is a playful, confident,
happy dog. The training boosted her self esteem to where she is a
completely different dog and many people have expressed pleasant
astonishment at the changes in Camie.
Ann and James Kittelsen



Dear Lori,
You have done an excellent job teaching not only our dogs obedience and conformation, but have taught our girls just what to do in the ring.  We are so pleased with what you have taught them.  The girls love showing their dogs in Junior Showmanship and have done very well under your guidence and instruction.  They have both advanced from Novice to Open, in less than one year and only having attended a handful of Dog Shows, that is quite amazing.  You have taught them what to do, what to wear and what to expect.  You have been an invaluable trainer and friend to our family.  We will be forever grateful to you. 
Having a terrier breed didn't make a bit of difference to your method of training and your food motivated method really works! 
Thanks for everything and Blessings,
The Goiffon Family

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“But ask the animals and they will teach you.”

Job 12:7 NIV